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Phone Services - Broadband Voice: Thomson TG784 Setup

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Phone Services - Broadband Voice: Thomson TG784 Setup

Aim of this article:

This article will describe the process involved in configuring the Thomson 784 for the Zen Broadband Voice service.

Hardware Configuration:

For information on how to set up your 784 to connect to your computer, DSL and telephone, please see the following article:

Zen Voice Hardware setup

Router configuration:

To access your 784's configuration, please open a web browser and type into the address bar . This will take you to the Thomson Gateway homepage. In the menu on the left, click Toolbox, then Telephony.

This will take you to the 784's current VoIP call list. Since you're configuring the device, this will be empty.

From the links at the top of the list, click Configure.
This will take you to the Telephony configuration screen.

Tick "Enable Telephony" this activates the Zen Broadband Voice service. You will have received your Zen Broadband Voice configuration details via email. The SIP URI and Username will both be your telephone number, and the password will be as per the email.

Note: Your DSL and Zen Broadband Voice passwords are different.

Click Apply.

If you have successfully configured the device, green ticks will be displayed in both Status and Registered.

If Status shows red, your 784 may be incorrectly configured for the Zen Voice platform. Click Expert Configuration.

784s purchased from Zen will already have these settings configured. If not, please set Registrar, Proxy and Secondary Proxy to Set Registrar Port, Proxy Port and Secondary Proxy port to 5060. Set Expire Time to 3600. Older versions of the Zen firmware may have, this will also work.

If there is a red cross in Registered, your 784 is unable to log in to our Broadband Voice service. Please check that you are able to access the internet, and if so re-enter your Zen Broadband Voice details as per earlier in this aricle.

Confirming your Zen Broadband Voice service is active:

If you have correctly configured your 784, in addition to the two green ticks displayed, you will notice that the 784 will show a light corresponding to which port your telephone handset is plugged into. You will also get a dialtone if you lift the handset. Finally, to check the connection to the Zen Broadband Voice service, you can dial 7130 from your phone. Our platform will answer and read your telephone number back to you.

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