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Broadband: Thomson TG 585 - Enabling Wireless Registration

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Broadband: Thomson TG 585 - Enabling Wireless Registration

Aim of this article:

This guide describes how to enable wireless registration on the Thomson TG 585. 

Before starting:

Ensure you are connected to the router using a cable, as the Wireless connection will be dropped when the settings are updated.

Configuring the router:

  1. Open an Internet browser.  By default you will see the Thomson welcome page.  If the Thomson welcome page does not appear automatically you can start the setup wizard by browsing to:
  2. Click on Home Network from the menu on the left.

    Thomson TG 585 - Setup page
  3. From the Home Network page, click on the wireless network name - WLAN: TNCAPxxxxxx.

    Thomson TG 585 - Home Network page
  4. Click Configure in the top, right-hand, corner.

    Thomson TG 585 - Wireless page
  5. Configure the settings for your wireless interface as you require - using the fields shown in the screenshot below:

    Thomson TG 585 - Wireless Settings page

    Interface Enabled: Ticked
    Network Name (SSID): This is the name of your wireless network
    Channel Selection: Automatic
    Allow Multicast from Broadband Network: Ticked
    Broadcast Network Name: Ticked
    Allow New Devices: New stations are allowed (via registration)
    Encryption: Use WPA-PSK Encryption
    WPA-PSK Encryption Key: Leave as default
    WPA-PSK Version: WPA+WPA2
  6. Click Apply.
    NOTE: Any devices which are connected wirelessly will be disconnected at this point, until you complete the steps below.
  7. The next page will take you back to the Wireless Access Point page.  Once there, click Configure.

    Thomson TG 585 - Wireless page
  8. From the Pick a Task section at the bottom of the screen, click Search for wireless devices.

    Thomson TG 585 - Pick a tast
  9. While the router is in registering mode you can now connect your device to the wireless network, using the network name and encryption key.

    Thomson TG 585 - Configuring

This setup will only allow wireless connections while the router is in registering mode.  At all other times new devices trying to connect to the wireless won't be allowed.  This won't affect registered devices; they will always be able to connect to the router wirelessly.

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