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Setting up Thomson TG585v7 with Routed IP

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Setting up Thomson TG585v7 with Routed IP

Aim of this article:

This article describes the setup process for the Thomson TG585v7, using routed IP addresses.

Before configuring

You will require a block of 8 IP addresses or more. Confirm that the router is switched on and the Ethernet cable between the PC and Router is plugged in correctly.

Open an Internet browser. By default, you will see the SpeedTouch welcome page. To start the configuration wizard, click 'Set up my Thompson Gateway'

You will next be guided through the configuration wizard, where you will be asked to specify the ADSL connection username and password, the wireless encryption level, the Administrator username and password and the IP range you have been assigned. To continue, click Next.

You will now be asked to select a service. This refers to the type of IP configuration you want on the router. For Routed IP, you will need to select Data (Custom) and click Next.

Make sure that the VPI/VCI is set to 0,38 and the connection type is set to PPPoA. You will also need to enter your Zen ADSL username and password. Once you have entered these, click the Next button to continue.

You now need to specifiy the IP range you have been assigned by Zen. In the top drop down menu, select Public_Subnet{using_in_range_WAN_IP}. This option indicates that Zen assign the router an address in the assigned block.

Next, enter the router's IP address in the IP address of your speed touch box. In the Network Address box, you will need to enter the first IP address in your IP range. Lastly, enter the Subnet mask of the IP range into the Subnet Mask box. Once you have completed this, click Next.

For this example, DHCP has been disabled. This is the best option, if you wish to host services or connect remotely. If you wish to enable DHCP, check the corresponding option box and enter the first usable IP address from the range. Enter this in the Enter First DHCP Address box. In the Enter the last DHCP Address box, you will need to enter the last usable IP address in the range.

You will next be able to set the wireless encryption level. Zen strongly recommend you set this to the highest level (WPA) The wireless key the router will use at this point, is printed on the bottom of the router. Click Next to continue.

Next, you will need to specify a password for the administrator username. The administrator username will be required, should you wish to change any settings in the router or to complete diagnostics, in the event of a service failure.

You should keep a note of the password somewhere safe, as Zen will not have a copy of your password. In the event that the password is forgotten, you would need to factory reset the router and run through this set up wizard again.

Once you have entered the password, click Next.

The wizard is now ready to apply the settings to the router. The middle dialog box contains all the information the wizard will use. Click Start to continue.

The wizard should now be configuring the router.  Please note; this may take several minutes.

The router has now been configured, but the changes have not been saved. You will need to enter the Administrator password to continue and save the settings. To do this, click OK.

To save the new settings to the router and finish the configuration, click the Finish button.

What next?

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